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Audiobooks Hits Production Record in 2021

RBmedia is the largest audiobook producer in the world. With nearly 60,000 exclusive titles, the company’s powerful digital retail and library distribution network reaches millions of listeners around the world.

Their titles are distributed to several major audiobook platforms such as Overdrive, Hoopla, Audible, iTunes and Google Play. RBmedia had a record-breaking year in 2021. The company has been able to grow so quickly because of their focus on innovation and creativity. They have been able to create a new market for themselves by being one of the first companies to offer this service in the UK.

With 7,500 new audiobooks released in 2021, across its 10 audio brands, the British company became the biggest audiobook production company ever. 65 titles of the total produced reached the New York Times Bestseller List enriching more the “palmares” of the firm already stellar with winners of Pulitzer Prize, Academy Awards, Hugo and Audie awards. 

The audiobook publisher experienced a dramatic surge in sales for its longtime bestselling Bridgerton series audiobooks following the hit Netflix adaptation.\

Company officials are expecting to grow even more in 2022.

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