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What is AWAA?

The Audiobook Worlds Awards Academy is a non-profit corporation founded in 2021 in Florida
with an international focus. AWAA is committed to create awarness on the audiobook arts and
sciences. AWAA is headquartered in Miami, FL.

What is AWAA mission?

AWAA’s mission is to champion education amongst adults and children through the audiobook arts and sciences while celebrating the best creators of this industry worldwide. AWAA is aiming to become the world leader in building awareness on the audiobook industry and its technological improvements enabling vast audiences to live a happier and concious life.

Where does AWAA seek to make impact?

Through building awareness about audiobooks AWAA seeks to make a difference in society by making audiobooks more accessible to disadvantage individuals. With audiobooks, those with visual impairments, dyslexia or learning disabilities can enjoy stories and content as much as those who are not affected by these impairments.

Why audiobooks are important?

An audiobook is a recorded book in the audio format. It is often used when someone cannot read books on paper and want to listen to the story. But not only! Audiobooks are also an excellent way to consume information while multitasking.

Many people listen to audiobooks at the gym while they are working out. They can also listen to them while driving or doing house chores. This is a great way for people who lead busy lives to get in some learning time.

The world of learning is changing, and traditional text-only books are being replaced with audiobooks at an increasing rate. The most important thing about audiobooks is that they contain all the benefits of reading but without any of its disadvantages.

Are audiobooks really important for dyslexic people?

Audiobooks are very important for dyslexic people: they provide a way for dyslexic people to enjoy books and stories in a different format. Audiobooks give these readers the opportunity to listen and comprehend at their own pace. The words are spoken in a way that is easier to understand and there are no distracting illustrations to give the reader the wrong meaning. Audiobooks also help dyslexic readers understand words better through experience with them, which is an advantage over regular books.

What are the benefits of audiobooks?

Audiobooks are an interesting way of consuming books. And this is because they give the reader the opportunity to listen to a book while doing other things.
There are many benefits of audiobooks, but some of the most popular ones are that they help preserve books by keeping them on people's minds and they can be used as a form of escapism for those who don't have much time to read.

How can audiobooks help with reading comprehension?

Audiobooks are a great way for kids to read. They can listen to the story while it is being read, which helps them learn how words sound and flows together. This helps with reading comprehension because they are able to hear how words flow together and pronounce them correctly.
The idea is not that audiobooks will replace good old-fashioned books, but instead that they'll help kids develop better vocabularies, grow more engaged in what they're learning, and understand difficult concepts with less frustration.

Who are your corporate partners?

Very shortly you can see a list of our active corporate contributors.

How can I find financial information about AWAA?

The AWAA annual report includes audited financial statements for the year and a financial report. The most recent annual report can be viewed here. In addition, as a tax-exempt private foundation, AWAA each year files an IRS tax return (Form 990-PF) that contains information about finances, grantmaking, operations and compliance with tax requirements. 

Where is AWAA located?

The AWAA office is located in Miami, FL.

How do I donate?

You can donate online or by calling our Donor Services team at 1-786-200-7630.

You can also donate by mail by sending our mail donation form along with your check to:

A.W.A.A. inc.
336 NE 98TH ST

How is AWAA funded?

AWAA is predominantly funded through the generosity of corporations, foundations and individuals.

What is an audiobook?

Audiobooks are recordings of books, created by hiring voice actors to read the text aloud.

How audiobooks help struggling readers?

Audiobooks have a wide range of applicability. They can be used by people who are visually impaired, by commuters who don’t have time to read or by people who just want to enjoy a good story. It is not always about reading ability. It is often about the time constraint and the desire to read in a format that suits you best.

Are audiobooks better than reading?

Audiobooks are a great alternative to reading. There are numerous benefits to listening to an audiobook. The most obvious one being that you can multitask while listening. For example, if you are cooking dinner, you can listen to an audiobook while cooking. Moreover, the average person reads about 200 words per minute but listens at 1,200 words per minute highlighting the efficiency of this medium. Audiobooks also allow people who may not be able to read due to dyslexia

Do I need an internet connection to use an audiobook?

Yes, you do. The audiobook can only be either streamed online or downloaded to your device and then played offline.

How can I find a list of free audiobooks to download?

The best way to find audiobooks that are completely free to download is through a library service. Libraries have a huge range of audiobooks, all of which are free to download, and they can be listened to online or through your local library’s app.

Where audiobooks come from?

The history of audiobooks has been fueled by new generations craving for entertainment and information, and it dates back to the early 20th century with the invention of recorded sound. In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. In 1878, Charles Tainter developed the graphophone with a recording stylus that could be seen and played back. In 1881, Alexander Graham Bell and Chichester Bell filed a patent for their Volta Bureau's talking machine invention which was first demonstrated on February 24, 1887. The first audiobook can be dated back to 1881, over 150 years ago. It was the work of Thomas Edison who invented the phonograph. His aim was to record books at his library to be played back for blind people. The first ten audio books were published in 1888 by American inventor Emile Berliner on his Gramophone Company of America (RCA) labels. Early audio recordings were exclusively live performances captured by voice artists who read texts from scrolls and books and memorized scripts as part of Vaudeville theater or other live entertainment formats such as those offered at an amusement park or circus sideshow.

Today, with new technologies such as digital downloading and services, the audiobook industry is booming, proving to be an excellent choice in education and entertainment alike.

What is AWAA NIGHT of the awards?

The AWAA Night of the awards is an annual prize given by the Audiobook Worlds Awards Academy to reward audiobooks creators. It is yearly held in the Principality of Monaco. First edition is planned for late summer 2023.

Will my donation be used wisely?

All donations will help AWAA to achieve its mission

Will I get a recepeit for my donation?

If you make an online gift using AWAA's website, we will automatically send a receipt to the email you used to make your donation.

If you donate by phone or mail, you'll receive a receipt in the mail.

If you need a copy of your donation recepeit, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Donor Services team at 1-786-200-7630.

Can I donate in someone's honor or memory of a loved one?

You can make a donation in someone’s honor.

Is my online donation secure?

AWAA uses third-party services to ensure that your donation and information are secure. You can read more in our Privacy Policy and Donor Privacy Policy about the information received from you.