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AWAA® Night 2023
The Audiobook
World Awards Ceremony

AWAA® main goal is to promote the diffusion of the audiobook and its related current and future technological applications. Audiobooks are powerful means to achieve the knowledge and the awareness needed to live a conscious and beautiful life.

In pursuing our vision, it has been more than natural to conceive and plan an annual, international event where AWAA® and its community will celebrate the best audio work of authors from around the world, according to the public.

The “Audiobook World Awards Academy Night®”, or “AWAA Night®”, will take place at the end of the summer 2023 in the in one of the most iconic venue of the beautiful Principality of Monaco. Patrons and attendees will enjoy a new kind of show, highly unusual and definitely unseen in this kind of ceremonies.

The event will be broadcast live on AWAA® Channels on CIBOR TV network and YouTube. The Award Ceremony will be distributed to several channels around the globe according to their editing requirements (please refer to Production department - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - for more information on this topic).

From May 1, 2022 users could check the official ranking of titles running for the Awards by following the “AWAA® Official Ranking” link at the bottom of this page.

At the end of the evaluation period (April 30th, 2023), a special Jury, composed by 12 professionals working in the publishing, TV/Movie production, audiobook production and press, will review the 51 finalist (3 nominees for each of the 16 categories) and will decide the winners to be announced during the “AWAA Night®”.

In order to give an equal opportunity to all competitors, each category will have a finalist produced by a big publisher, a finalist produced by a small publisher and a finalist self or independently produced.

Furthermore, all titles reaching the finals will be transmitted to the Jury in “blind” form, meaning without title, author’s name, cover, publisher(s), narrator(s)’ name(s) or any other hint leading to disclose such details.

AWAA® Official Ranking System
for the
Audiobook World Championship

AWA Academy perfected a system, the AWAA® Official Ranking System, in order to calculate the best performing audiobooks, produced within the 24 months prior the “AWAA Night®” yearly edition.

This system will ensure a fair and balanced competition for every single author, no matter if published by big or small press or if is an indie.