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Nowadays, more and more people are looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite stories. One of these ways is by listening to them while doing many other activities.

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To support who believe into this multilevel form of communication, during 2021, it has been established in Florida a new non-profit global organization, the Audiobook Worlds Awards Academy (AWAA®).

The Academy is born to recognize the essential role the audiobook art must help achieving better educational levels nationwide and worldwide.

AWAA® wishes to cultivate the well-being of the listening community and to ensure that audiobook is identified as an inedible part of our culture."

AWAA® President

Our Mission

AWAA® mission is to champion education amongst adults and children through the audiobook arts and sciences while celebrating the best creators of this industry worldwide.

AWAA® is aiming to become the world leader in building awareness on the audiobook industry and its technological improvements enabling vast audiences to live a happier and conscious life.



We envision a world where audiobook is a leading cultural and entertainment sector, where new listening communities are formed and audiobook has become a new cultural force and where everyone deserves the same opportunity to access to audiobooks.

We believe in gender equality and we believe in equality. We also believe in empathy, cooperation, respect, solidarity and critical thinking. We believe in free human beings.


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