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A little bit of history

The history of audiobooks has been fueled by new generations craving for entertainment and information, and it dates back to the early 20th century with the invention of recorded sound.


Thomas Edison invented the phonograph


Charles Tainter developed the graphophone with a recording stylus that could be seen and played back


Alexander Graham Bell and Chichester Bell filed a patent for their Volta Bureau's talking machine invention which was first demonstrated on February 24, 1887


The first audiobook can be dated back to 1881, over 150 years ago. It was the work of Thomas Edison who invented the phonograph. His aim was to record books at his library to be played back for blind people.


The first ten audio books were published in 1888 by American inventor Emile Berliner on his Gramophone Company of America (RCA) labels.

Early audio recordings were exclusively live performances captured by voice artists who read texts from scrolls and books and memorized scripts as part of Vaudeville theater or other live entertainment formats such as those offered at an amusement park or circus sideshow.

Today, with new technologies such as digital downloading and services, the audiobook industry is booming, proving to be an excellent choice in education and entertainment alike.

AWAA® is born

With the strong rise of audiobooks in the past three years, a group of 7 professionals from different fields (writing, TV and Movie producing, audio producing, media and PR) decided to start a non profit corporation in order to create awareness around this magnificent tool, invaluable for education and entertainment.

The Audiobook Worlds Awards Academy was then incorporated in October 2021 in Florida. With an international focus in mind AWAA® is committed to arise attention on the audiobook arts and sciences. For this reason AWAA® created the "AWAA NIGHT", a special event to be held annually in the beautiful Principality of Monaco and aimed to recognise the excellence in audiobook titles for produced in the two years before the annual ceremony. Along with that, AWAA will be present in all the most important International Book Fairs and Book conventions.

AWAA® will use the fund received by donors and sponsors in projects aimed to arise attention and awareness around the audiobook world and to help recognised associations in their efforts to support the visually impaired and dyslexic communities worldwide.


The Academy will feature a series of tools in order to help writers and institutions willing to enter the fantastic world of audiobooks.

Official TV Channel on Hulu

At the beginning of 2023, AWAA® will launch its own TV channel on CIBOR TV, which is distributed by HULU platform.

The channel will feature seminars, podcasts and the official audiobook rankings valid for the "AWAA NIGHT 2023"

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